Rodolfo Reyes
Let imagination be your pilot


Let imagination be your pilot

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About Me

Born in Mexico City I was one of those peculiar kids, very shy and introverted, when I grow up I changed to become a very shy and introverted teenager...but when I was at College I became more popular, some of my friends think I`m easy going person or a comic relief.

Since I was a little boy I loved to draw, and even thoug my parents were mad at me when I painted the walls, they encouraged me to continue drawing and look for a formation in arts.

Later I took arts and drawing workshops, and when I signed in at College there was only one option in my mind: GRAPHIC DESIGN. and a few years later I graduated as a certified Graphic Designer.


I love Art and Design, Art Deco specially however I also like movies and as you can see are kind of like the main theme in my work, also the cartoons althoug I`m not very good at animation, the part I enjoy de most is the character design.
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